age author description
2011-04-07 cpb0001 Added location to Text It!default tip
2011-03-31 cpb0001 Bug fix with previous change -- missing space on fallback query
2011-03-25 cpb0001 Suppressed call numbers were showing up in search results. Fixed.
2011-03-08 cpb0001 Removed the VuFind local copy of MARC.php. Now we're just using the standard MARC.php. The old local copy conflicted with the latest official version (parent inheritance got tangled).
2011-03-08 cpb0001 Added proper checking to Record.php line 123 for data isset()
2011-01-24 Reuben devcat64 port - remove a bunch of dead files, and port to Smarty 3.x - still need to install Oracle PDO driver on devcat64
2011-01-04 Reuben Pasquini Fix SS360 bug handling link-resolver data with multiple 'result' blocks
2010-12-08 Reuben Pasquini Fix hardcoded "devcat" browse URL to be relative, update error.tpl to contact Systems instead of Reference
2010-12-08 Reuben Pasquini Add 'collection' subfacet under 'Digital Collection' library building
2010-12-06 cpb0001 Added "browse the collection" link to the splash page
2010-12-06 cpb0001 Reuben added qraw: query option. Also, now when performing an empty search it returns all records (basically, browse with facets)
2010-12-03 Reuben Pasquini Tony's updates to Search/list-none.tpl (no results) template
2010-11-30 Reuben Pasquini Update list-none.tpl with "What should I do now?" instructions and links
2010-11-23 Reuben Pasquini It's AUBIExpress - not 'Aubie Express' ...
2010-11-22 Reuben Pasquini Repair callnumber-refinement in faceting broken when I disabled ajax-facets
2010-11-16 Reuben Pasquini Record display add 'Aubie Express' link alongside 'Campus Delivery', dislable map link for 'main,web' and 'gpo,web' locations
2010-11-14 Reuben Pasquini Add google and worldcat search widgets to "no results" page
2010-11-13 Reuben Pasquini Add web/AuburnTestSuite.php
2010-11-13 Reuben Pasquini Small layout tweaks to help with HtmlUnit regression tests
2010-11-11 Reuben Pasquini Rationalist search-result div labeling to simplify regression tests
2010-11-10 Reuben Pasquini Patch xsl/solr-convert.xsl to set fulltitle property from Solr 'title' instead of Solr 'fulltitle' to work around import bug not setting full title
2010-11-09 Reuben Pasquini Patch MultiVoyager.php with revertId() method that resets id from underlying Voyager driver to the with-prefix id as necessary
2010-11-09 Reuben Pasquini AJAX.php roll out MultiVoyager patch that had a stupid bug in it incorrectly nesting a loop for id-with-prefix handling - moved the id rewrite logic out to the MultiVoyager.php driver - ugh
2010-11-09 Reuben Pasquini ajax.js old patch never comitted for dealing with multi-holding/multi-item stuff - don't remeber the details
2010-11-05 cpb0001 Added styles for latest features (texting, patron requests)
2010-11-05 cpb0001 Tweak display for yui compatability
2010-11-05 cpb0001 Altered getHoldings to return a boolean showing whether the bib_id had voyager items or not
2010-11-05 cpb0001 If an item has MFHD but not Items, the getHoldings result set contains individual holdings instead of item copies. Display the volume holdings accordingly.
2010-11-04 Reuben Pasquini add import/auburn/ script - makes it easy to delete records from Solr by id, ex: id:Sledge*, patch .hgignore
2010-11-04 Reuben Pasquini Search/facets.tpl add |urlencode call to facet-link setup
2010-11-04 Reuben Pasquini Search/list.tpl add EBSCO display bock - inactive until services/Search/Home.php EBSCO block is enabled, also add a |urlencode call to the 'delete facet' button
2010-11-04 Reuben Pasquini Add proof of concept EBSCO-query block, but leave disabled after testing
2010-11-04 Reuben Pasquini Remove some dead code from Solr.php and tweak some field weights
2010-10-31 Reuben Pasquini Add MultiVoyager.php db driver for multiple Voyager ILS and a few support patches
2010-10-28 Reuben Pasquini auburn them view-holdings rework map-dispaly to call auburn.js toggleMap displaying map image in YUI panel, major rework of holdings data-display to take advantage of Voyager getHoldings rework checked in a while ago
2010-10-28 Reuben Pasquini auburn theme bump up to YUI 2.8.2r1, add mapPanel div to main layout for use by YUI panel at map display time
2010-10-28 Reuben Pasquini auburn.js tweak toggleMap to use YUI panel and local maps, erase old browser code, disable YUI menu code (not showing menus anyway)
2010-10-28 Reuben Pasquini Voyager.php put location_code retrieval back into getHolding (needed for maps) - got pulled out at some point somehow
2010-10-28 Reuben Pasquini httpd-vufind.conf tweaks redirect rule to allow pass-through to web/maps/ for new image-based maps
2010-10-14 Reuben Pasquini Rework getHoldings logic to better handle online records with multiple holdings but no items
2010-10-14 cpb0001 Fixed bug where facets containing one item contained incorrect values
2010-10-05 cpb0001 Expanded numeric id check. Only show Voyager Patron Request action section if the item is a Voyager record.
2010-10-05 cpb0001 Cleaner implementation of the is_numeric record ID check using Smarty
2010-10-05 cpb0001 Only display "View in Classic Catalog" link if the record id is numeric (i.e. Voyager record)
2010-10-05 cpb0001 Also added quotes fix in plain ISN search
2010-10-05 cpb0001 On "All Fields" search, remove quotes before attempting an ISSN/ISBN wildcard search.
2010-10-05 cpb0001 Disabled call to Similar Items. Not displaying it anyway, and it causes an error if the call number contains a colon (e.g. id:1316427)
2010-10-04 cpb0001 Added Place Request widget to Record view sidebar
2010-10-04 cpb0001 Added checks for login failure on redirect
2010-10-04 Reuben Pasquini Add simple EBSCO query module
2010-10-04 cpb0001 Added login redirect. If destination= is added to the end of the login page, the user will be taken to that destination URL after logging in successfully.
2010-09-27 Reuben Pasquini Patch SS360 hack for f'ed up gale links:
2010-09-27 cpb0001 Added wildcards to the end of ISSN/ISBN searches
2010-09-22 Reuben Pasquini Add temporary 1-line hack to SS360Link.php to work around some bad URLs in serial solutions
2010-09-15 cpb0001 Fixed print stylesheet. Note on Author page and no-results page I removed yui-b as wrapping div class so that the content on those pages isn't right-column.
2010-09-15 cpb0001 Updated styles and class/id elements for left-column VuFind. Cleaned up some elements so that YUI layout performs as expected.
2010-09-14 cpb0001 Survey stuff, Advanced Search changes, adding class to the main listing for CSS purposes
2010-09-13 Reuben Pasquini Add null-check to /mobile/.../iWebkit/js/functions.js javascript that was throwing error in IE7
2010-09-13 Reuben Pasquini Add /mobile/ redirect to auburn.js if screen.width < 699
2010-08-31 Reuben Pasquini Solr.php add some filtering to handle "'s" as in "Writer's Guide to Nursing Periodicals"